How “step by step” set up icons in launchers




Before starting please read this:


  Many users have reported problems with broken icons. In 99.99 percent of cases, users do not have the required version of the launcher. I decided to prepared for you instructions:  how to “step by step” set up packages of icons and the most important of which versions of the launcher are required. Sony updated only some models of phones. So I added support for other free launchers. Please read carefully IMPORTANT Information about launchers. If you want to ask a question. Just contact me and I will respond as soon as possible.



Xperia Launcher

1. Install theme or icon pack

2. Follow video instructions

IMPORTANT: Icon packs only work on Xperia Launcher version 10.0.A.0.8 and up . Sony Updated only some models of phones. We have no influence which models have been updated. Questions about updating the Xperia Launcher should be directed to the Sony Mobile

Video Instruction:



 Nova Launcher

1. Download and install launcher from Google Play

2. Install theme or icon pack

3. Follow video instructions

App Drawer Icons from Themes Download

Video Instruction:



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