xMarshmallow Concept Launcher




Sony Xperia Home Launcher Open Beta


Sony Mobile has launched a new beta programme Xperia Home Open Beta , So we decided to suspend the project xMarshmallow Concept Launcher. Xperia Home Open Beta Community  you will be able to test the latest launchers from Sony. You can also submit requests and problems. We are very pleased with the decision of Sony Mobile, and thank you for running the program. We hope  you enjoy.

Source : XperiaBlog

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Icons Packages:

Seven 7



Glass 2



Modern Light


Modern Dark



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  • Hay alguna versión de este launchers que tenga activado el contador de mensajes para las app?

    • Michael Ambroziak

      I have a new version . work badge notification, Theme Engine, widgets, etc. But the application requires Root unfortunately 🙁

  • 184

    please add more widget like weather or contact!!
    thanks a lot~!

    • Michael Ambroziak

      I have a new version . work badge notification, Theme Engine, widgets, etc. But the application requires Root unfortunately 🙁

    • This function work but only for ROOT Users.

  • Привет у меня это программа почему то работает не стабильно, все время ошибка, “программа xMarshmallow остановлена”. Андроид 5.1.1. Подождем стабильную версию

  • dgss

    hi there, do you make a version for hardware button devices like samsung galaxy and ote series? on this version i have a big hole on the bottom of the launcher because i dont have software buttons, everything is perfect except this.

    • I can not promise, but I see. Launcher comes from Concept Firmware,
      Sony has not added basic libraries. I had to say no to the Applications functions to work properly.

  • KDV

    Can I use this on my Xperia Z Ultra (Exiztens rom Android 5.1.1)

    • Yes. But do BackUp

      • KDV

        Okay, thanks!

      • KDV

        Bro, i cant download the zip file. It says: “too many people downloaded this blabla…” can u upload on other cloud?

      • KDV

        bro how to install, only flash “xMarshmallowfixWidgetBadgeROOT” in recovery? Do i replace other APK or something?…

  • Marian Fatu

    How do i unflash if i flashed the root version?

    • Which phone, rom Number?
      Email me at weninger.sklep@gmail.com

      • Marian Fatu

        Sony Z3, 5.1.1 prerooted with xposed instaled

    • Love Gambler

      Delete the apks from the system, reboot (do not down the apk names from the zip to be sjre what tondelete from system folder)

      • Marian Fatu

        ill instal a root browser and look for that, ty 😀

  • firdous

    Works on moto g turbo but click on themes make the application crash

    • Krunał Gediyá

      thats because you dont have access to Sony xeria themes

    • This option only works on Xperia. It opens the application system Theme Engine. Launcher crash because you do not have the respective application. To run this option would have to change the package opening the application Moto G Theme engine.

  • アルジュン Kuniyil

    The smoothest launcher I’ve used on my LG G3. It lacks a lot of features though. Add option for infinite scroll, no of apps that can be put on the home screens etc…

    • アルジュン Kuniyil

      I’ve found a bug. I’m unable to uninstall apps from the launcher…. After touching manage apps in the app drawer and then when I try to delete an app nothing happens….

      • Sorry I was busy. you can handle the problem already?

        • アルジュン Kuniyil

          Only way to uninstall an app is through a file explorer , settings or playstore… The normal way of uninstalling through app drawer does not work.

          • Thanks . Complaints Please send Sony.hihi 🙂

          • アルジュン Kuniyil

            But I’m on an LG (╥_╥) . Didn’t u build this app? Isn’t there any way you could fix this? Does the uninstalling work for everyone else?

          • Yes off course. but this request much time. Maybe in future will do. uninstal option can not work because you don’t have it in system. Tell Me one stuff. What exactly you installed app for root or not Rooted.?

          • アルジュン Kuniyil

            Thanks. I’m using the not rooted app. My phone isn’t rooted.

            But uninstalling works in other launchers for me. Isn’t this basically a third party launcher too just like other launchers? So how does other third party launchers deal with uninstalling?

          • 🙂 “App for rooted” should work 90% not rooted devices – root is only required to have installed a launcher by Sony. (

            that is, only all the XPERIA

          • アルジュン Kuniyil

            Oh. I’ll give the rooted app a try then.

          • Im waithing on resuults:)

          • アルジュン Kuniyil

            Sorry for taking a while. I tried the root app and I’ve got the same problem there too. Can’t uninstall apps from app drawer using “manage apps ” option 🙁

  • 🙂 Yes i like it very much too.

  • JOC Gaceta

    How can i get the icons? Do i have to flash it in recovery and wipe dalvik cache?

  • Hello everybody. Please contact with Krus via XDA. I’m no available and can help you.

  • Amir

    how Root users Can Install This?

  • Carlos Henrique

    Very good…

  • Mighty_Sasquatch_of_the_Forest

    Can someone help me?

    I had a Z2 and the ‘root version’ (launcher2?) was my favorite launcher.

    Now I’ve switched to a Z3 with the same 5.1.1 rooted system and I just can’t use the rooted version of the ported marshmallow launcher.
    I didn’t flash, I put the home-system.apk to system/app and gave it RW-R-R permissions. After reboot, my only launcher is the Xperia Easy Home.

    Can someone help me please? This is best launcher evar for our Sony devices. 🙂

    • Mighty_Sasquatch_of_the_Forest

      Sorry the correct file name is home-release.apk, I meant that ofc…

      • ok. good

        • Mighty_Sasquatch_of_the_Forest

          Sorry, it didn’t work with the correct file name. I just misspelled it.

          Thanks for the help in advance

        • Mighty_Sasquatch_of_the_Forest

          Edited my first post, could you help me please?

          • 1. Install google launcher
            2. Remove all the xperia Launcher
            3. Flash zip
            Let me know

          • Mighty_Sasquatch_of_the_Forest

            Thanks for the answer, didn’t work unfortunately 🙁 After flashing, my default launcher is the Google Launcher, no other launcher is available 🙁
            home-release.apk is in it’s correct place, with correct permissions

            Firmware is 23.4.A.1.264, rooted, DualRecovery installed.

            I don’t have busybox though, does the launcher need that?

            As I recall, I didn’t have busybox on my Z2 and this launcher worked for me perfectly.

          • On Z3 Marshmallow is out by Sony

          • Mighty_Sasquatch_of_the_Forest

            I fixed the problem. I wasn’t aware that this launcher requires Superuser MOD.

            Once I’ve disabled signature verification, this launcher works perfect!


          • Sorry at weekend working in garden. Thanks for info:) Best and Enjoy

  • Krunał Gediyá

    Check on xda

  • Xperia is the best always..