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Sony Xperia Home Launcher Open Beta


Sony Mobile has launched a new beta programme Xperia Home Open Beta , So we decided to suspend the project xMarshmallow Concept Launcher. Xperia Home Open Beta Community  you will be able to test the latest launchers from Sony. You can also submit requests and problems. We are very pleased with the decision of Sony Mobile, and thank you for running the program. We hope  you enjoy.

Source : XperiaBlog

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Seven 7



Modern Light


Modern Dark



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  • Все в лаунчере отлично! Жаль только что папки не меняют свой фон и всегда просто белые. Многие темы меняют фон в папках, но в этой программе они не меняются. Можно ли это исправить? Спасибо.

    • Michael Ambroziak


      Please note that this (Concept = test version). Theme engine as a whole does not work with the Home Launcher. We have to wait for the new Home by Sony.

      Best Michael

  • Simply beatiful and clean. Great job. I’m already using it as my launcher. Tks for your work – well done, indeed.

  • Is the wallpaper included in the pack?