Xperia Themes Availabe at Amazon Appstore




Hello XPERIA Users


My a professionally designed themes with icons pack for Xperia devices now are available also at Themes offered on Amazon are exactly the same as on Google Play. I decided to add them to Amazon because in some countries Google Play applications are not available. Please read the information below before you start. Thanks and Enjoy

Application: In both stores are offered the same versions of the applications
Update: Applications will be updated at the same time in each store.
Please download the update from the store which has been installed.
If Google Play will read that “The application is not available for your device”
Please do not try to install it from Amazon Store, because also will not work.

To get Appstore for Android

Visit on your device

Please switch the application on English language because Themes are not visible in all languages

Links to Amazon are in posts with Themes

Full list of my applications at Amazon Website

 All Themes and Icons See In Our Mobile Application
 Get Mobile Themes & Icons Catalog
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